4 Apr 2011

The shower therapy

Shower therapy.

This is the cheapest therapy against anguish, depression, anxiety.

I will let you know how and why, I have been counseling people to do it along the years and it really results if you do it well. By the way it deals with people who are not under specific medical or professional treatment, and it is called “therapy” by me as it helps the symptoms of emotional stress. Nevertheless there is no such “therapy” in official scientific studies but as anything concerns psychology will agree that all are a collection of therapeutic relaxing methods.

Let’s start.

First of all
Shower barefoot; do not use slippers or rubber mat etc.

Showering barefoot helps unload static electricity that you accumulate during the day. Feet in contact with the wet ground will serve as a grounding to discharge for static electricity. Our nerves, neurons, communicate by electro-chemical connections, so electrostatics produced by many machines or devices that we use day by influences our neurons overloading it and intend to muscles and organs, for so we were very angry often without apparent reason. Passerby’s hours dealing with machines or computers or even in front of the TV will be after a few minutes enough electricity load static. Electricity tends to flow to negative ground, so it's good to eliminate it, since there is no such electricity the whole body relaxes.

Do not take water too hot, when the water temperature is above 37CÂș of the body responds by increasing blood pressure, tension soon appears, very hot bath relax only after it, but during the time you are there it makes your body to work, this is not the idea here.

Water temperature is important; it must be similar to body temperature; somewhat below the optimum temperature around 37C °, never above. Of course you will not take a shower with a thermometer attached to your body, to know the ideal temperature of the water you should feel that water is neither hot nor cold; it means that equaled to your body temperature and is therefore hardly feel the heat, sense only the physical force of the water.
At this point I'll put you into the Freudian system uterine protection. The warm waters intrauterine time, Water is always an important link to our basic nature, warm water relates us to this first moments on our live, there are memories in time of intrauterine development that we can´t evoke as something clear conscious level at first, but these memories are stored there, maintaining us in the emotional way. Believe it or not, the bath or shower is kind a mother time.

Never take my supposed therapeutic shower time in a hurry, spend time there, prepare this time before you get there, don’t allow people, telephone etc to disturb your time there. You are going to spend water, some people think it is a waste but it is cheaper than tablets that make you "Cool” and take you out of orbit.

It is important to let water flows of your head, brings a sense of immersion it also
implicit meanings associated with the washing of the head, eyes, mouth, ears, meaning that it washes out your thinking disorder. Let warm water drip down his face, plenty of water.

Warm water is also related to the spill crying. So grating has to cry to cleanse the soul. Take a moment allow you to cry for real as the water hits your face. Well it is crying in the bath.

Inhale and exhale deeply while bathing is part of the therapy. This is the best moment for deep breathing. Open your arms if possible.
Anxiety’s root word mean "closed chest”, when we come to grief it feeling cause the body to a process of closing everything to protection, our chest, heart and feelings systems are fighting in a terrible way.

So opening your arms and lungs causes the anxiety go away.
Our brain is ready to take action to reverse this process of closing that installed if somehow there is a physical job in regard to open it. In other words, if you use your body and movements to fight for or against a feeling it will really happen...

It's is bit hard to explain, but that's how it works. Sports are the best medicine against depression.
In therapeutic bath exhale helps expel internal demons, bringing oxygen, openness to your closing painful process and cleanse, opening your lung it destroys the anxiety.

I advise that soon after shower you to go and lie down for relaxing for two or three minutes.
Lie down immediately after the shower time, naked, open arms and legs, close your eyes and relax just to soak up your mind, feel, learn, and try a relaxed body.

When the brain has to mind that his body is relaxed, the mind will react by opening the protection systems, limbic systems. Its bath is a natural remedy for anxiety daily.

Good. Conclusion?

 You'll be more relaxed and the smell really good. LOL!

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