27 Jan 2013

Help the Incessant Talker

Incessant Talker.... Why don’t we approach this in a “HELP” way?

 “Bob do you know that you have a problem to gave up your speech?” Usually people don’t realise that they got a problem, especially if the audience never show it.

“Bob, do you know that you can speak forever? Can you see that you never let people go or interact with you?”

If we talk too much or if we never let other to participate it could caused by some problems, here just small amount to bring more light to the problem. 

• It could be a characteristic of ADHD (Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder) ADHD got a vast spectrum and could keep affecting people in adult life, help and training is the best way to overcome mild’s problems and social adaptation.

• High anxiety: levels of anxiety could disturb speech and the way how we say or expose things.

• Lack of self confidence: The prolific talking is an unstoppable way to reaffirm and constructing evidences to reinforce something that we are not confident if other people will understand us.

• Massive detailed thoughts: Some people are so rich on the amount of information that they have problems in the way that they express it.

“Bob, do you know that it could be a psychological issue and it could lead you to social problems?”

Let me help you with some points… First of all, do not be afraid or ashamed to seek help, talk to your psychologist and you going to gain more confidence about the problem. We don’t want to avoid you and we want to share and receive from you the good things that you have to share. Main wile you could pay attention for some small advices:

There are some facts that will help you to measure if you are crossing the normal conversation into the problematic one.

  Timing: Don’t cross more than two minutes explaining things. Each speech got its own time; once the idea is shared it is normal to stop to see if others understood and if they want to make their addictions to the matter OR IF THEY WANT TO STOP and for ANY reason. Control you desire to put everything at once.
 Interaction: Let space to it. Others are eager to share or to be part of the conversation: to reaffirm, deny, agree, add, and to listen more. Look at them and see how they react.

 Relevance: mind relevance on your conversation. People share thing that are relevant, if not it needs to die as quick as possible because it is just not relevant. If we keep an irrelevant conversation you are make it into boredom, people are listening with strong desire to run out from you.

Help people to like you:

As a listener or a speaker you got to understand that all in a good conversation is who wonderful and amazing is to communicate yourself and how much we can learn together.

Some people never got the opportunity to get better if they get avoided. They are amazing people and they need a little help. Some people need time to understand everything that is in your mind.

We have to find a way to better express ourselves.

  Help is better than avoidance.

Paul McCullough @thepostsynaptic (twitter)

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