2 May 2012

There is no supermarket for emotions…

There is no supermarket for emotions…

Something about our brain is that when we talk about it looks like we are talking about a different entity living inside of us.
True, but not completely true.  Brain thinks by it self and it self is you... Looks like a paradox but it isn’t.
Let’s just assume that your brain is kind of a living entity that controls you even when you don’t realise it.
Our brain is very selfish and never cares about irrelevant things such quality, almost never.
Brain likes to be completed, if brain needs something it goes for it.

For example food, if your brain needs proteins, you are going to be compelled to find the proteins, but your brain will not tell you where or what it the best source, your brain will tell you: “go, and find it.”
If your brain needs water it will push you to drink, brain doesn’t really cares where you are going to find water; the only think that it cares is that you obey the command “go, find water now”.
That is why people get over weighted. Brain needs to make sure that lipids and proteins, glucoses etc are always available; it will store loads of metabolised food on your body, the reason is that food should be there “just in case” your brain needs more. As your brain is selfish and it wants really to make sure of things… you going to get more than you need.

Your brain doesn’t really cares about your beauty, or the quality of the food that you are eating.  Everything that a matter is you has to supply your brain needs and that is it.

Your part on the process is your conscientiousness, you have to think, where is the good water, what is the best food, what is the right amount of this and that.

That is why supermarket exists, we classify and organize things to better supply our brain needs.
At the supermarket every thing should have excellent quality, validations dates that helps us to select the best elements that supply our needs. Supermarkets are the brain heaven, everything is nice and fine over there, helps you to find the needs, but again, you have to do your part, understanding how to use the goods that your brain needs.

Emotions are also something that your brain does for you.  Brain produces feelings that help you to deal with your life, for ex:  if you are in pain you cry, if you need hug and kiss you are in love, if you hammer your finger with something, you are going to swear nice words with anger. Again and again your brain are behind the feelings saying what is the need and commanding you “go and get It.” or   “careful, it hurts.” or “hey that is fun I want more.” Etc…

But the difference between emotions and food supply are huge, there is no feelings supermarket on real life for build a good diet or to ensure the quality of goods related to feelings.
Your brain will command very selfishly you to “go and get it and do it now.” You the responsible to find good quality and good balance to supply your brain as best as you can, because your brain is quiet blind about quality and so and so. You have to find the good ones, the balance ones, and up to date ones.

Remember your brain likes to store things “just in case…”  Brain never likes to be uncovered. The process with emotions will be the same as food is. You going to buy things that you don’t really need. But your brain likes it because of the “just in case” effect.

Dealing with emotions is really difficult, you have to hunt for the best ones, and there are no markets that supply you with the best.  The best ones are  very difficult to find, and you have to put a great effort to find them.  Your brain doesn’t like to wait, brain time is something that you have to learn how to control.  Your brain will push you to do it now but you have to be responsible to offer good quality.  

Do not pay attention to your brain when it is compelling you to do something, tell it... “Hey you up there… wait a bit, I will find you good things, and so be patient.”

Search for good relationships, it will supply the “store it” effect.

Deal with your bad feelings, they are not good for your brain, don’t buy it or don’t use it. If something does not smell good don’t take it.  Trash it.

If you feel that feelings inside of you are constantly painful or depressing it is very certain that you ate some emotional products with questionable quality. Through out it, because it is going to inflame your emotional system and you going to need help and medicine to cure the inflamed thing.
If you are storing things that you don’t need, you are going to be emotionally fat. It means that to get back to ideal good shape you are going to work it out a lot, or at the contrary it will make you emotionally lazy slow.

As there is no supermarket that preselects things for you, you have to build your own pattern of what is good and healthy.
So, when something new comes to your life… smells it, touch it and shake it. 

Make sure that it supplies you best. 

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