8 Dec 2011

The Hope

Here I come every night, no night is missing and I wait,
And I hope as I hope to God.
In God I hope hopeless
Because I do not know if he's gone,

Is it true that he is?
Is that true that he was?
And it is true that he care about something?

But you I wait and hope as to God I hope,
because I know that even though I do not want to know,
I know that he is not there any more.
And you are not.

But then why should I wait?
Because I am convinced that I hope in vain
Because I am convinced that God is no longer.

I wait for you
With hope that to God I hope.
With the hope of my hope
Not in God.

It is my hope to God

I hope
 He there somewhere
Somewhere in my hope

But elsewhere he is no longer

And to you as I hope to God I hope.
Somewhere in my hope
Inside of my hope

because outside 

You are not there anymore.

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